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Cerith Mathias - Series Editor

Cerith Mathias is an experienced journalist and television producer.  Before joining The Wales Report initially as Series Producer in 2012, she worked in BBC Wales' political unit for over a decade, first as a broadcast journalist, then as a series producer. At BBC Wales she produced numerous political programmes including AMPM and Dragon's Eye. Cerith also produced large scale live television programmes such as the Royal Opening of the Senedd and election programmes. Cerith's arts and travel journalism appears regularly in publications both in the UK and the USA.


Dani Thomas - Assistant Producer

Dani has been a part of The Wales Report team since its inception in 2012, rising to the position of producer by virtue of sticking around long enough. He’s a graduate of the University of East Anglia and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. When not producing The Wales Report he composes music for various projects. He’s recently taken to keeping a pen behind his ear which he thinks makes him look authoritative, but others probably see as an affectation.

Sion Thomas - Assistant Producer

Joined the Wales Report team as Assistant Producer in February 2016. Sion previously worked on X-Ray for BBC Wales as a researcher. He is a graduate of UCL at Cardiff University. 

Hayley Mills - Researcher

Prior to joining the Wales Report team in August 2016, Hayley was the content editor at the South Wales Argus. Hayley is a graduate of the Cardiff School of Journalism.